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Volunteer at Vitality North London Half 2017

We are building a network of volunteers who will play the most important role in Vitality North London Half Marathon. They offer a smiley face and much encouragement, as well as important details about the run to those taking part and spectating. Being a volunteer is a great opportunity to get involved in an exciting event.

As a ‘thank you’ we will provide a free place to Vitality North London Half Marathon in 2018, which can be for friends, family or personal use.


Breakfast or Lunch will be provided on arrival for those signing in at the Race Village. Those who are placed out on the course will receive a packed lunch.


All volunteers will receive a colourful bobble hat to wear on race day. This will make sure you are clearly identifiable as a volunteer. We hope you’ll keep the hat as a memento of the day.


Course Marshals: Directing runners along the course; perfect for those with a little running experience as they know just what support our participants may need.

Start / Finish Marshals: Directing runners to the start line and keeping runners moving after crossing the finish line inside Wembley Stadium.

Rewards Marshals: The really fun bit – congratulating runners at the finish inside Wembley Stadium and handing out medals and goody bags!

Information Marshals: Providing information to runners and spectators (e.g. where the nearest café is).

Race Village Marshals: Supporting the participant facilities within the Race Village, such as the Race Pack Query desk and ‘queue busting’ as needed.


We like to ensure that everyone understands their role, so we will meet around 2 weeks before the race for a group briefing where you can find out about your role and all the key information, such as timings, for the day. We will advise you of the exact date and time nearer to the event

As soon as your role is complete, you are free to enjoy the event or head home for a well-deserved afternoon of relaxation.

To register as a Vitality North London Half Marathon volunteer